Why Use a Biobank?

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Phenomics Australia is proud to support one of the most significant national mouse Biobanks in Australia, the Australian Phenome Bank (APB) making substantial contributions to the scientific community.

Mouse Biobanks play a vital role in advancing scientific research and, more importantly, in safeguarding our future. These physical repositories of genetic material and databases from genetically modified mouse strains used in medical research provide an invaluable resource for studying diseases, developing treatments, and understanding genetic mutations.

The APB, a collaborative effort between ANU and Monash, serves as Australia’s vital hub for mouse strain banking and distribution.

We offer streamlined services, including cryopreservation, storage, reanimation, distribution, and importation, packaged to reduce costs and safeguard research. Cryopreservation is crucial for effective colony management, aligning with our commitment to animal welfare and the 3Rs principles.

Preserving these mouse strains not only safeguards past investments in their creation but also establishes a globally valuable resource. Moreover, routine cryopreservation shields valuable strains from unexpected events, such as the SARS and COVID-19 pandemics.

With approximately 4,000 lines cryopreserved from the last two decades, the APB ensures ongoing data curation and accessibility for researchers across Australia and New Zealand, fostering collaboration and maximizing research value.

To explore deeper into the profound impact of these biobanks, we invite you to read the article: “The Added Value of Rodent Biobanks: Sharing Mutations and Navigating a Pandemic.”

New Australian Phenome Bank Website coming soon! Stay tuned.

Read more about the Australian Phenome bank here

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