Our Strategy

Building and delivering world-class infrastructure and expertise

We will deliver cutting-edge, versatile, and sustainable phenomics infrastructure to accelerate discovery and translation.

Collaborating for research excellence

We will partner to deliver innovative research outcomes; to advance our understanding of health and disease and to inform next-generation healthcare and clinical practice.

Advocating and partnering for impact

We will reaffirm Phenomics Australia as a thought-leader and influencer within the research and policy landscape.


Invest in national-scale services and expertise to promote collaboration and address unmet research demands.

  • Identify the developing needs of clinicians and researchers.
  • Review our services to identify development opportunities and potential service improvements.
  • Maintain established Phenomics Australia capabilities as research-relevant and state of the art.
  • Identify new partnerships and investments to expand our national services for in vitro (non-animal) modelling
  • Explore potential support for genome-engineered non-mammalian models.
  • Align and partner with focussed health initiatives to address emerging health priorities.
  • Develop a dedicated funding mechanism to support priority health research.
  • Promote connection between clinicians, patients and researchers to encourage co-design of projects investigating rare diseases and genetic conditions.

  • Serve the infrastructure needs necessary to enable the Australian clinical functional genomics pipeline.
  • Develop and deploy a more complete and flexible range of investment options to allow Phenomics Australia to provide broader support for Australian research.
  • Investigate deepening and broadening our support capacity for phenotyping and affiliated expansion of data and bio-banking services.
  • Establish a dedicated support mechanism for service delivery and technology research and development.
  • Identify suitable new investments in potential next-generation services.


Foster new strategic relationships and partnerships.

  • Contribute to the development and rollout of MRFF policy and grant initiatives.
  • Prioritise organisational partnerships with MRFF missions.
  • Establish Phenomics Australia as a partner of choice for relevant MRFF infrastructure needs.
  • Engage directly with the NHMRC to formalise our involvement in grant applications as providers of supporting infrastructure.
  • Engage with applicants early during the grant preparation phase to maximise the impact of project outcomes.

  • Maximally leverage our funding to provide valuable capacity for continuous development and expansion of services. 
  • Explore additional partnerships with state governments and industry,  and take advantage of common strategic priorities.
  • Establish a linked NCRIS co-ordinated Australian Therapeutic Pipeline, to streamline and accelerate translation of medical research.
  • Maximise the translational potential of NCRIS enabled research.
  • Enable a system to pro-actively advise & chaperone research projects to navigate NCRIS-supported infrastructure.
  • Leverage resources with health-focussed NCRIS facilities, bringing together diverse technical skills.
  • Consider research data inter-connectivity.
  • Establish new partnerships in additional locations broadening accessibility to researchers and improving service delivery.
  • Identify local opportunities for further collaboration, partnership, and co-investment.


Develop and activate a renewed communications and engagement strategy.

  • Launch a refreshed website as a centre of information to build awareness and engage stakeholders. This will prioritise service details and access instructions.
  • Broaden awareness within the research community to ensure that all researchers requiring our assistance know how to access it.
  • Actively promote the capabilities and expertise of our team.
  • Making clear to current and potential users the full value proposition of partnering with Phenomics Australia including the benefits of early input on experimental design.
  • Establish effective channels and processes of information and data gathering.
  • Identify and track key impacts to demonstrate the significance of our contribution to research excellence and healthcare in Australia.
  • Support direct early contact with stakeholders and decision makers to clearly communicate impacts.


Develop a phenomics data strategy.

  • Identify the varied data storage, access and analysis requirements of our users, and how these needs should be met.
  • Improve reliability, reproducibility, value and interconnectivity with other health related research initiatives with a concerted approach to data acquisition and management.
  • Establish partnerships with specialist NCRIS data service providers to effectively identify and develop value-adding phenomics data services of use to researchers.
  • Working with our users, we will develop a F.A.I.R. data policy as an important aspect of our operation as an NCRIS funded facility.
  • Ensure that research data outputs that we support are made more valuable and available. 


Identify operational efficiencies and internal process improvements.

  • Establish a channel to gain expert independent insights on longer-term research trends, developments and infrastructure needs allowing us to quickly adapt and provide the most valuable capabilities for our users.
  • Encourage staff professional development through formal training and or travel that will benefit our operations and service delivery.

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