Voucher Scheme

Phenomics Australia offers a voucher scheme to facilitate and encourage access to one or more Phenomics Australia facilities. This scheme is intended to further reduce the cost of access to a specific capability.

Pipeline Accelerator - Voucher Scheme

Access the Pipeline

Through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) program, Phenomics Australia and Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA) seamlessly support a network of national research infrastructure to address the medical products challenge in the 2021 National Research Infrastructure (NRI) Roadmap. We collectively offer academic researchers and SMEs access to a diverse range of Australian translational medical research capabilities, from the molecular basis of health and disease through to clinical trials.

To encourage access to these capabilities, TIA has developed the Pipeline Accelerator, a voucher-style scheme that supports the cost of access to a broad range of advanced capabilities. In this Pipeline Accelerator round, Phenomics Australia is partnering with TIA to expand the portfolio of services and expertise enabling medical research discovery and translation.

This scheme aims to support therapeutic development projects by providing up to $50,000 with at least 50% matching co-investment to be provided by the applicant.

Refer to the guidelines for information on eligibility, funding levels, co-investment expectations, as well as the application and funding process. All applicants are required to complete and submit the applications online. The link to the application form can be found in the guideline document. We strongly advise you to develop your application on the provided template as the online form cannot be saved and retrieved at a later date.

Applications close on 13th October 2023, 5pm (AEST).

Voucher scheme documents

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Voucher Scheme Webinars

If you have any questions regarding our voucher schemes, you are invited to check our virtual information session which was held on the 14th of March 2023, 12pm AEST

More information

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Pipeline Accelerator Outcomes

All awarded Pipeline Accelerator projects will be listed here.


Lead applicant


Project title

Phenomics Australia node ( Capability provider)

22_23_Round 2

Prof James Hudson

QIMR Berghofer

Development of an epicardial lineage tracing human pluripotent stem cell line to identify new cardiac therapeutics

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derivation & CRISPR Gene EditingFacility

22_23_Round 2

Dr Graham A. Mackay

The University of Melbourne

MRGPRX2-dependent activation of mast cells: insight to novel therapeutic innovation

Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics

22_23_Round 2

Dr Brett McKinnon

The University of Queensland

High throughput screening of micro-organoids for assessing heterogeneity and precision medicine potential in endometriosis

Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics

22_23_Round 2

Dr Zhian Chen

The University of Queensland

The role of ferroptosis and oxidative stress in regulating immunity

Monash Genome Modification Platform

22_23_Round 2

Dr Svenja Pachernegg

Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Using iPSCs to determine the role of NR2F2 in ovarian development and 46,XX sex reversal

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derivation & CRISPR Gene EditingFacility

22_23_Round 2

Dr Ada Koo

The University of Melbourne

Developing transcriptomic and morphological profiling of macrophages to mine the microbiome

Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics

22_23_Round 2

Dr Alexander Nicholas Combes

Monash University

New therapeutic strategies and targets to suppress acute kidney injury

Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics and Monash Functional Genomics Platform

22_23_Round 2

Dr Simon Preston

Anaxis Pharma Pty Ltd

Evaluating human organoids as model systems in drug development

Monash Organoid Program

22_23_Round 2

A/Prof Edwina McGlinn

Monash University

Tick tock, tick tock… Mechanisms pacing the Hox clock

Monash Functional Genomics Platform

Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA) is a national consortium of translational research infrastructure with a focus on the development of new therapeutic products such as biologics and vaccines, cell and gene therapies as well as small molecule pharmaceuticals. More information here.