Precision Medicine

National Research Infrastructure for Health Discovery and Translation


Phenomics Australia’s Biobanking service provides a database and cryobank of mouse sperm and embryos essential for discovering and distributing disease models in Australia.

In vivo Genome Engineering & Disease Modelling

Phenomics Australia provides a national capability to explore the human genome and the genetic basis of health and disease. One way we achieve this is through the production of bespoke in vivo models possessing targeted mutations of interest and which can replicate clinical findings. These in vivo models serve as a crucial tool to study rare disease and enable new clinical understanding and treatments.

In vitro Genome Engineering & Disease Modelling

To complement our established in vivo capabilities, and address an important capability gap for the research community, Phenomics Australia is actively expanding our range of in vitro engineering and disease modelling system to include cell-, organoid- and tissue-based models, as well as 3D bioprinting.

Genotyping &

Using next-generation screening and sequencing technology, with integrated bioinformatics capabilities, Phenomics Australia enables researchers to identify new genomic variants and understand how they contribute to disease.

Functional Genomics &
High-Throughput Screening

Phenomics Australia enables researchers to perform genome-scale cell-based CRISPR, RNAi, and compound screening in both 2D cell lines and 3D cell lines, PDX, patient-derived cells, and complex disease models using sophisticated liquid handling automation, high content cellular phenotyping, and reporter-based readouts.


Phenomics Australia enables detailed description of the pathological changes in disease models to efficiently determine the biological consequences of their genome and to relate mutant and other disease phenotypes to human disease. Histopathology is also an essential component for drug development, to provide disease models to determine the utility of drugs and identify off-target effects.


Better health through the discovery of gene function.


Providing world-class infrastructure and expertise, collaborating for research excellence, and advocating and partnering for impact, Phenomics Australia will drive the discovery of the molecular basis of disease to benefit the health of all Australians.

Phenomics Australia

Phenomics Australia, formerly the Australian Phenomics Network (APN), is a forward-thinking research infrastructure provider enabling research discovery and high-impact healthcare outcomes in precision medicine.

Established in 2007, we are a founding member of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) and have since grown to span twenty locations across Australia. Through these openly accessible service delivery centres, we offer specialised infrastructure, research services and technical expertise dedicated to advancing our fundamental understanding of health and disease, and enabling next-generation innovations in healthcare and therapeutic development to benefit all Australians.

With the advancement of health genomics and precision medicine there exists a significant opportunity for Phenomics Australia to be ambitious in how we develop our support for biomedical researchers and clinicians to discover the genetic drivers of human disease. Leveraging our established strengths, we will continue to deliver new investments in cutting-edge capabilities to address unmet research needs and national health priorities. We will deploy our extensive experience to pursue valuable new collaborations and opportunities for national and international leadership, further enhancing our engagement with academia, healthcare and industry. We will continue to develop our partnerships with prominent and emerging health initiatives and infrastructure providers, to establish integrated development pipelines for research discovery and translation.  

We are here to help – please get in contact if you are interested in anything Phenomics Australia has to offer.

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