Our Expertise


Phenomics Australia Biobanking service provides a database and cryobank of mouse sperm and embryos essential for discovering and distributing disease models in Australia. Read more >

In vivo Genome Engineering & Disease Modelling

Phenomics Australia provides a national capability to explore the human genome and the genetic basis of health and disease. One way we achieve this is through the production of bespoke in vivo models possessing targeted mutations of interest and which can replicate clinical findings. These in vivo models serve as a crucial tool to study rare disease and enable new clinical understanding and treatments. Read more >

In vitro Genome Engineering & Disease Modelling

To complement our established in vivo capabilities, and address an important capability gap for the research community, Phenomics Australia is actively expanding our range of in vitro engineering and disease modelling system to include cell-, organoid- and tissue-based models, as well as 3D bioprinting. Read more >

Genotyping &

Using next-generation screening and sequencing technology, with integrated bioinformatics capabilities, Phenomics Australia enables researchers to identify new genomic variants and understand how they contribute to disease. Read more >

Functional Genomics &
High-Throughput Screening

Phenomics Australia enables genome-scale cell-based CRISPR, RNAi, and compound screening in both 2D cell lines and 3D cell lines, PDX, patient-derived cells, and complex disease models using sophisticated liquid handling automation, high content cellular phenotyping, and reporter-based readouts. Read more >


Phenomics Australia enables detailed description of the pathological changes in every tissue of in vivo disease models to efficiently determine the biological consequences of genetic mutations and to relate mutant and other disease phenotypes to human disease. Histopathology is also an essential component for drug development, to provide pre-clinical models to test the utility of drugs and identify off-target effects. Read more >