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The Phenomics Australia team has been very excited to meet the community in person again as we’ve been pretty busy attending several Conferences and Symposiums lately. You can see some examples below:

(L to R) Dr John Parisot, Phenomics Australia Strategic Partnerships Advisor and Dr Genevieve Kerr, Manager of the Monash BDI Organoid Program

We were very excited to sponsor this symposium that was held at Monash University at the Clayton Campus on November 15, 2022. This symposium was a day full of methods-based organoid presentations and networking and a fantastic opportunity to present Phenomics Australia’s support and activities in this area, with a special focus on the expanded Phenomics Australia In Vitro services.
The content for this symposium was developed based on the requests and enquiries from a number of key groups who are currently working with organoids, as well as those who are interested in learning how to utilise organoid technology for their own research questions.

“Symposium was well attended by ~250 persons, with a focus on open sharing of methods and knowledge to mostly early career researchers as they seek to get involved in the organoid model development, imaging and bioinformatics space.”

(L to R) Dr John Parisot, Phenomics Australia Strategic Partnerships Advisor and a quite large quokka.

AusBiotech 2022 was held in Perth on the 26-28th of October. The conference brought us (about 1000 delegates!) back together, in person, for the first time in three years. This year’s programme, of more than 150 speakers and chairs, gave local and international industry leaders the opportunity to recharge, re-energise, refresh and build relationships – old and new, reflecting on what the life science sector’s achieved and how to continue advancing it.

Look for our booth at your next conference and ask our team everything you always wanted to know about Phenomics Australia or about opportunities to work with us!

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