Communicating Research Infrastructure in Australia

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NCRIS at the Australian Science Communicators National Conference (ASC2023)

The ASC2023 Conference, Hindsight, Insight, Foresight (February 15-17 2023) brought together those who work, research, study, or have an interest in the communication of science, including communications and engagement representatives from NCRIS facilities, all together under the Shine Dome in Canberra.

Phenomics Australia Communications and Outreach Coordinator, Dr Marina Trigueros (second from left), was part of the NCRIS Comms Network Panel “Communicating Research Infrastructure in Australia” speaking alongside her colleagues Ms Emma Joughin (AURIN), Ms Natalia Bateman (ACCESS-NRI), Dr Christina Hall (Australian BioCommons), Ms Belinda Cay (APPF), Ms Jo Savill (ARDC) and expertly moderated by Phil Dooley (HIAF).

Australia is a global leader in world-class research. The Australian Government helps maintain this reputation by ensuring researchers have access to cutting-edge national research infrastructure supported through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) program.

There are 27 NCRIS-funded projects that provide research infrastructure across astronomy, biodiversity, geoscience, supercomputing, climate science, nuclear science, health, data and more. The projects support researchers by providing access to tools, data, software, technology, facilities and technical expertise.

The NCRIS Communications Network has been instrumental in addressing the unique challenges and opportunities for communicating national research infrastructure priorities and impacts.

The audience learnt about the unique challenges of communicating research infrastructure, discovered how experienced communicators use different channels and tactics, and what has worked, leading to successful initiatives across the NCRIS community and beyond. The audience had the opportunity to ask questions to the panel members leading to an engaging discussion about future opportunities.

Top (L to R): Ms Natalia Bateman (ACCESS-NRI), Ms Jo Savill (ARDC), Dr Marina Trigueros (Phenomics Australia), Ms Belinda Cay (APPF), Ms Emma Joughin (AURIN), Ms Karina Nunez (Pawsey), Dr Christina Hall (Australian BioCommons), Ms Philomena Manifold (AuScope). Bottom (L to R): Dr Phil Dooley (HIAF), Mr Christian Gomez (NCI).
From left to right: Ms Belinda Cay (APPF), Dr Marina Trigueros (Phenomics Australia), Ms Jo Savill (ARDC), Ms Emma Joughin (AURIN), Ms Philomena Manifold (AuScope) Dr Christina Hall (Australian BioCommons), Mr Christian Gomez (NCI)

The Australian Science Communicators is the peak body for science communicators and science journalists in Australia. Established in 1994, the Australian Science Communicators has grown to a national network of more than 1650 subscribers and 450 financial members working in science and technology communication, including science journalists and writers, public information officers for academic and research organisations, scientists, museum professionals, science educators, science film-makers, and many other diverse professions united by the common theme of making science accessible.

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