Another successful Organoid Symposium at Monash for this 2023 edition

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Phenomics Australia in vitro node the Monash BDI Organoid Program hosted its 3rd symposium on ‘Emerging Technologies in Organoid Research’ on Thursday 2nd November 2023 at Monash University, Clayton Campus.

With more than 200 registrants, the Symposium welcomed research staff, students and industry professionals from across Australia. The event provided the opportunity for attendees to learn and share new techniques used in organoid research and network with other’s from various research institution and companies.

This year, the organising committee decided to allocate more time to each speaker, giving the opportunity to go more in depth about their unique technics and also share multiple tips and tricks with the audience. Equally important, this allowed more time for questions, the starting point of many interesting discussions that kept developing further during the networking breaks.

The main themes covered on the day included fundamental organoid methodologies, engineering models, tissue and disease modelling and precision medicine.

Phenomics Australia Scientific Leader Dr Sara Howden at the Monash BDI Organoid Program Symposium.

The new addition this year was the technical talks from the sponsors Revvity and Teccan who shared some exciting videos of the latest innovative robotic technologies in term of organoid culture and imaging automatization.

The ‘Coffee on Cue’ coffee cart was also an event highlight, it was made possible thanks to the generosity of their Sponsors, and it kept providing attendees with barrister made coffees all day. The event sponsors included Bio-strategy, Corning, millennium Science, Revvity, Sartorius, Stem Cell Technologies and Tecan. Thanks to these companies, it was possible for the symposium to be a free, fully catered event which was greatly appreciated by the attendees.

The attendees enjoyed the “great breadth of speakers from around the country. (it) Made it very interesting and unique!”. They also appreciated the “high level of engagement from researchers and industries” and “the range of topics discussed and the ability to chat to relevant companies about organoid tools and techniques”.

The event was overall a great success and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 92.7% of the attendees gained valuable knowledge for their own research and 97.6% of them are looking forward to participating in the next Symposium. The Organoid Program was thrilled to be granted with attendees’ comments such as “Best symposium of the year” or “Congratulations to the organizers for such a wonderful workshop, looking forward to the next one!”

Phenomics Australia Scientific Leader Prof Ernst Wolvetang at the Monash BDI Organoid Program Symposium.

This was the third method focus organoid symposium hosted by the program and certainly not the last.  The Organoid Program can already announce the date of the next event: 7th of November 2024, and they will be delighted to host Prof Karuna Ganesh as their Keynote speaker. After listening to their attendees’ valuable feedback, the next edition may incorporate a few changes such as a poster/social mixer session, short talk from students and cover new topics possibly including tissue regeneration, drug screening, infectious diseases and immunology.

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