Phenomics Australia and TIA partnership reinforces commitment to bridge the translational gap

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Phenomics Australia in partnership with Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA) is pleased to announce the successful recipients of the Pipeline Accelerator 2023-24 (Round 1).

35 projects to share $1,045,256 in voucher awards to access translation national research infrastructure (NRI) to accelerate the translation of therapeutics to improve human health. Research in cancer, neurodevelopmental and cardiovascular disorders, therapeutics development, and immunity, among others, will advance with the combined support from Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA) and Phenomics Australia. These vouchers will subsidise a maximum of 50% of the total cost to access these translation NRI.

Phenomics Australia and TIA are enabled by the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) and support research in addressing the health challenges. The NCRIS 2023 funding jointly announced by The Hon Jason Clare MP, Minister for Education and The Hon Ed Husic, Minister for Industry and Science, has enabled us to continue bridging gap between discovery research and the point of value inflection, beyond which industrial support becomes available.

The Pipeline Accelerator scheme enables researchers to develop disease model systems to study, screen, optimise and validate drug candidates, test their efficacy and work towards industrial scale-up at advanced translational medical research facilities.

Phenomics Australia’s Pipeline Accelerator awards:

Click here to see the TIA voucher recipients.

Recipients of the Phenomics Australia Pipeline Accelerator 2023-24 (Round 1) are listed below:

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Dr Suad Mohamed Abdirahman (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre)

Phenomics Australia node: Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics

High throughput screening to identify new therapeutic strategies for mucinous ovarian cancer patients
Dr Nicole J. Van Bergen (Murdoch Children's Research Institute)

Phenomics Australia node: Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derivation & CRISPR Gene Editing Facility

Development of iPSC models for ASO screening for TRAPPC4 neurodevelopmental disorder
Ms Rikki Brown (Harry Perkins Institute)

Phenomics Australia node: Perkins Cancer Biobank

Generation of Oral Carcinoma Patient-Derived Organoids for Personalised Cancer Research
Dr Rebekah Engel (Monash University and Cabrini Health)

Phenomics Australia nodes: Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics and Monash Functional Genomics Platform

Personalised treatment strategies for patients with early-onset metastatic colorectal cancer
Dr Iva Nikolic (oNKo-Innate Pty Ltd)

Phenomics Australia node: Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics

Methodology development for high-throughput compound screening of primary human immune cell cytotoxicity in 3D
Dr Remy Robert (Monash University)

Phenomics Australia node: Melbourne Advanced Genome Editing Centre

Development of human GPCR knock-in mice for assessment of therapeutic antibodies
Dr Naisana Seyedasli (University of Sydney & Centre for Cancer Research) 

Phenomics Australia node: Monash Genome Modification Platform

Establishing a targeted treatment strategy using epigenetic reprogramming against adverse EMT-induced tumour plasticity in head and neck (oral) squamous cell carcinoma
Dr Holly Voges (Murdoch Children's Research Institute)

Phenomics Australia node: Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derivation & CRISPR Gene Editing Facility

Developing a human induced pluripotent stem cell reporter line for heart valve disease modelling
Dr Kevin Watt (Murdoch Children's Research Institute)

Phenomics Australia node: Melbourne Advanced Genome Editing Centre

Generation of mouse models of inherited heart failure to test the efficacy of novel stem cell based therapies

About the Pipeline Accelerator:

TIA has developed the Pipeline Accelerator as a voucher-style researcher access scheme to facilitate and encourage access to our facilities. The scheme provides SMEs and researchers with access to one or more facilities associated with TIA and Phenomics Australia to further reduce the cost of access to a specific capability. An external panel assesses projects for their scientific quality and potential for development of a therapeutic product.

About Phenomics Australia:

Phenomics Australia is a forward-thinking research infrastructure provider enabling research discovery and high-impact healthcare outcomes in precision medicine. Through 20 openly accessible service delivery centres across Australia, we offer specialised infrastructure, research services and technical expertise dedicated to advancing our fundamental understanding of health and disease, and enabling next-generation innovations in healthcare and therapeutic development to benefit all Australians. We will continue to develop our partnerships with prominent and emerging health initiatives and infrastructure providers, to establish integrated development pipelines for research discovery and translation.

About TIA:

TIA is a network of national translational research infrastructure facilities in biologics and vaccines, RNA products, cell and gene therapies, and small molecules. We aim to provide Australian researchers with access to the infrastructure to enable efficient translation of therapeutics to improve human health. Our investments ensure facilities are coordinated, comprehensive, accessible and responsive to the needs of the Australian translational research community. We financially support selected service providers to enable researcher access to subsidised, seamless, and value-adding expertise and support. Collectively, the TIA consortium enables translation of research findings into potential medical products, and towards readiness for Phase I trials and beyond.

Contact us to know more about this voucher scheme that aims to support therapeutic development projects by providing up to $50,000 with at least 50% matching co-investment to be provided by the applicant.

Phenomics Australia and TIA are two of the five members of NCRIS Health Group that works closely with each other and provide seamless access to world-class health and medical research infrastructure and expertise.

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