Phenomics Australia Joins ANU’s Second NCRIS Morning Tea Celebration

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Phenomics Australia was delighted to participate in the second NCRIS Morning Tea event hosted at the Australian National University (ANU) by Research Initiatives and Infrastructure (RII). This gathering occurred on Tuesday, May 7th, commencing at 10:30 am at The Gallery, Cultural Centre, Kambri, ANU.

The morning tea provided an excellent opportunity to network, explore the various NCRIS facilities available at ANU, discover potential collaboration avenues, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

The ANU NCRIS community, includes Phenomics Australia, Bioplatforms Australia, ACCESS-NRI, NCI, ARDC, Microscopy Australia, AuScope, ANFF, HIA, TERN, and the APPF, among others.

Great chats, delicious snacks, and a fantastic atmosphere. We extend our gratitude to RII at ANU for orchestrating this gathering of NCRIS facilities.

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