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PATHBIO is a new, international project based in the European Union aimed at developing a strong educational program for Mouse Precision Pathobiology. The project was initiated in 2018 and consists of an alliance between leading universities, research institutions and companies, including Phenomics Australia. The project aims to develop a ‘Virtual Learning Platform with innovative teaching material and to organise and deliver intensive specialised courses in Mouse Precision Pathobiology’.

~ Rhyannah Hamer

The PATHBIO project is an international joint venture involving 23 associated partners across the globe [Right], with Phenomics Australia being one of these partners. The interaction occurring on a global scale provides a highly unique opportunity to define a common and fundamental skill set and required knowledge to validate mouse models of human diseases.

Over the past few years, the technology available for characterising mouse models of human diseases has advanced enormously. However, with these advancements comes an increasingly growing need for proper training in these new techniques and their integration into existing expertise. 

PATHBIO involves a series of ‘Work Packages’ to address the need for a strong European based educational program in Mouse Precision Pathobiology [Left]. Phenomics Australia is involved specifically with Work Packages 2, 5, 6 and 8, primarily focussed on the development of a master’s program and short courses. A strong understanding of what is to be taught in these courses is a vital aspect in their design. Ideally, the master’s program would become a benchmark master’s qualification internationally in Mouse Precision Pathobiology. 

The Scientific community lacks sufficient human resources and expertise in mouse pathology to effectively and reproducibly characterise and validate these animal models; in particular the ability to confirm causation of identified human disease variants as pathogenic.’

While primarily based in the European Union, the PATHBIO project could potentially provide unique opportunities for the Australian work force. Currently, the project offers one teacher from Phenomics Australia to participate in the PATHBIO summer courses. There is also an opportunity for further representation of members of Phenomics Australia committee in the PATHBIO project.

While the project was only initiated last year, with the
first meeting taking place in March 2019, the project has potential that could
extend to Australian technicians as it grows as and develops.

PATHBIO is a new and exciting project that
Phenomics Australia will be heavily involved with over the coming years. As
technology in the field of Mouse Precision Pathobiology develops, so does the
need for appropriate training with the newly developed technologies.

By contributing to PATHBIO, Phenomics Australia forms a unique educational opportunity and network for members of the Australian work force in Mouse Precision Pathobiology. Consequently, such education will help advance the Australian biomedical research field, positively impacting the health and livelihood of Australians. 

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