Meet Our Scientific Leaders: Associate Professor Sefi Rosenbluh

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We would like to introduce to you A/Prof Joseph (Sefi) Rosenbluh, member of the Phenomics Australia’s Scientific Leaders team. 

Meet Sefi

A/Professor Sefi Rosenbluh is a Victoria Cancer Agency mid-career Fellow and Laboratory Head at the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department and the Cancer Program at the Biomedical Discovery Institute, Monash University.

His research program applies pooled genetic screens including CRISPR and gene editing techniques aimed at understanding how genes are regulated in normal and disease cells and how they could be used for the development of new strategies for diagnoses and treatment. Sefi has established the Monash Functional Genomics Platform which provides a wide range of technologies for perturbing genes and measuring phenotypes.

Through Phenomics Australia the platform provides CROPSeq services. In CROPSeq a pooled library of sgRNAs is used to transduce cells with single-cell RNA Sequencing (scRNASeq) as a readout. This enables high throughput studies of how genes regulate complex phenotypes.

Phenomics Australia is one of the best resources for researchers in Australia. It enables high-quality studies of genes and phenotypes and how they are related to disease. The technologies offered by Phenomics Australia nodes give researchers in Australia access to some of the latest and most exciting technologies that will undoubtedly have a major impact”.

CROPSEq experiments

CROPSeq experiments combines genetic perturbations with single cell RNA seq (scRNA-Seq). The result is a complete profiling of the total mRNA expression changes in a particular cell following CRISPR mediated deletion (CRISPRc) or suppression (CRISPRi) of 60-100 genes. The CROPSeq service includes all of the experimental and computational requirements for a CROPSeq experiment.

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